Preparing Demoreel

Keep it Simple

It is always important that, for which company and position you are applying for. Read all instructions and directions of companies open position’s requirements. Generally people like to send simple email and links of portfolios to companies. Remember your reel would be one among so many candidates so, try to make your application as clear and simple for easy identification. Gather and submit all indicated documents (resume, cover letter, breakdown, link of your portfolio).

Let’s talk about quality

Only the best shots

Modelers should show a variety of stylized examples of character and/or environments, props, etc. through wire frames, close ups of work and turntables.

Your reel should contains the best and amaizing work what you had created, not the one you just placed for filling the blank. Always choose Quality over quantity. T-pose or neutral posed spins not at all recommended. The wire frames, close-ups of works considered up to the mark. Good to present your models with best presentation including bit of lighting, shading and texture. Music and sound is not going to help anyway so should not waste time in that. The first work shown on the reel should be your best. The people looking at these reels do not want to wait through lesser work to see your best.

Whoever wish to send portfolio in images forms, please recollect and place best images under folder/gallery/category.

Note that, moving(movs) portfolio is mostly represents your skill towards presentation and shared knowledge, so they are bit above in the list.

It’s all about you

Contact Details

Don’t forget about to mention yourself at the end or you may like to introduce yourself in the reel at starting phase.

E-mail address
Phone Number
Name of Website

What you are – e.g. Modeler, Surfacer,..