We believe in going hand-in-hand with the technological advancements and upgrading and evolving ourselves with new technology. Apart from all major animation software used in the industry, we take pride in our experience of working at various places to know the advantages of production workflow and the improvements that can enhance the pipeline. This helps us to adapt quickly to any kind of production flow and makes outsourcing work to us efficient, seamless and secure.

Hardware & Software

Enterprise Grade Hardware components that will not only enhance security but will also enhance overall service level. Accurate and faster performance over any complex assets manipulation. We are using all major animation softwares including various standard tools and plug-ins.

Data Storage

Latest storage components to ensure data efficiency and scalability. We need to backup for everything in life, then when it is data for your production data, it’s backing up the soul of your animation production houses. We offers a dedicated data storage slot for each clientele and production houses.

Data Security

We understands value of clients IP contents and relative data. Hence, Data Security is our primary policy. Multi-layer physical security, Physical and Biometric Security LayersSSAE 16 (and formally SAS 70) Compliant Facilities, DDoS Protection, Network Layer Firewall and 24×7 Human Monitoring.

Data Accessibility

Remote access with an option of layered authentication gateways. Guaranteed 99.3% uptime. Proficient show TD to assist mount data. Reporting and Monitoring. 24×7 Toll Free Telephone, SMS, WhatsApp & Chat Support.

Research & Development

We have have designed and developed pipeline(Beta) based on current generation’s secured platforms. Balanced migration of most 3D softwares along with pipeline makes assets cross departments manipulations and maintenance. Proprietary Assets tracking tools allow real-time status tracking. Clean quality checked assets through designed pre-check tool. Hence, we are able to manage any scaled and complex assets developments.We are constantly upgrading our tools and enhancing pipeline for future betterment.

Data Confidentiality

We regard your ideas, projects, content and creatives processes with utmost privacy and confidentiality. we generally exchange NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and 100% assurance of data security with 3-tier multi-layered dedicated data server maintained by our super-ninja IT team and partnering with reliable data server center in India.